Martin Strejc
currently working as an organist in Saint Anthon Church in Hradec Kralove. He spent 3 years with Philharmonic Orchestra in Hradec Kralove as a chive executive. He has already visited the U.S.A. four times, either as a head of Philharmonic Orchestra or as an organist performing and playing in St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York and than in Methuen and Boston, Poland, Austria, BRD. Let me also mention his presence in Yearbook Boston chapter of the American Guild of Organists (you can see his name and address on page 91). He was a member of American Guild of Organists in 1997-1998.


Martin Strejc

Organist of St. Anthony Church

Šimkova 422/4
500 03 Hradec Králové
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 605 782 974